Codec Collective

It's tough turning your podcast into a business.

Most ambitious podcasters have the same problems. No revenue, it's getting less fun, and a day job. The good news? Codec Collective solves those problems:

Let's Talk About It

The steps are pretty simple

Building Better Podcasters

We help to create, monetize, develop, market, and brand your podcast. With 70+ years of broadcast experience, and some amazing partnerships, it’s our goal to put it all in one place.

Podcast Distribution

  1. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
    Get your podcast in your listeners’ home.
  2. Syndicate Your Podcasts to Spotify
    Expand your reach into the most popular music streaming app.
  3. Bring your audio to life with video
    Create shareable video directly from your podcast dashboard.
  4. Integrated Social Sharing
    Direct to native sharing for all major social media platforms.

Complete Monetization

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of people working to sell your podcast? From direct in content advertisers, to programmatic options, we are dedicated to turning your podcast into revenue.